Retro Football Games

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What’s in a game?

Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason you enjoyed playing one specific game over another. It could have been the look, the anticipation of a play’s outcome, the novelty of the mechanism, the success you may have had playing it or something else completely.

Certain game experiences mesh your imagination with your aspirations and that positive feeling becomes forever associated with a time, place, people and ultimately a game. Even the most pedestrian games could elicit emotions that kept you coming back to dig it out of the closet on that overcast fall day.

For me it was the 1969 Samsonite Football Game. Although there was nothing particularly unique about it, there was a well-designed simplicity that kept you engaged in the play. The box cover image was professionally done and it came with a felt-like textured playing field. Glossy playing cards were the primary implement. The team with the ball would call out run or pass and turn over a card to read the result.

Thus, a game that required virtually no skill provided hours of enjoyment for my two brothers and me for a number of years during the holidays. Ultimately, it was a timeout from commonplace sibling arguments and a sense of togetherness that brings back the best memories. That Samsonite game will always be associated with those fond thoughts.

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Samsonite Football Game

Samsonite Football Game

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