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What’s in a game?

Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason you enjoyed playing one specific game over another. It could have been the look, the anticipation of a play’s outcome, the novelty of the mechanism, the success you may have had playing it or something else completely.

Certain game experiences mesh your imagination with your aspirations and that positive feeling becomes forever associated with a time, place, people and ultimately a game. Even the most pedestrian games could elicit emotions that kept you coming back to dig it out of the closet on that overcast fall day.

For me it was the 1969 Samsonite Football Game. Although there was nothing particularly unique about it, there was a well-designed simplicity that kept you engaged in the play. The box cover image was professionally done and it came with a felt-like textured playing field. Glossy playing cards were the primary implement. The team with the ball would call out run or pass and turn over a card to read the result.

Thus, a game that required virtually no skill provided hours of enjoyment for my two brothers and me for a number of years during the holidays. Ultimately, it was a timeout from commonplace sibling arguments and a sense of togetherness that brings back the best memories. That Samsonite game will always be associated with those fond thoughts.

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Author at three

Author at three

Samsonite Football Game

Samsonite Football Game


Show Us What You Know

Each month, we will post a trivia question on this page. For your chance to win a free copy of Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games , enter your answer by clicking the link below and follow the directions. One name will be drawn from the entrants who correctly answers a Trivia Time question. Enter each week to increase your chances of winning! The drawing will be held on the first of each month.

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Trivia Time Question:

Who scored the first postseason touchdown in the history of the Minnesota Vikings?

a.    Clint Jones

   Gene Washington

   Dave Osborne

   Bill Martin

   Bill Brown

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Minnesota Vikings 1968

Minnesota Vikings 1968


On a weekly basis, we will add interesting football facts to the Weekly Top 5 list. Make it a point to check back often. If you have a Top 5 list of your own you’d like to see on these pages, please email it to us.

Top 5 Underrated Coaches of the ’60s & ’70s

5. Sid Gillman – Chargers

4. Lou Saban – Bills

3. Dick Nolan – 49ers

2. Wally Lemm – Cardinals/Oilers

1. Blanton Collier – Browns


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This video gives you a glimpse of what you can expect to see in the upcoming book
Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games.


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Steve Anderson has been a sports fan and memorabilia collector for over four decades. His first relevant recollection was at age five when his mother tossed out new packs of Topps football cards to eager boys in their front yard at his older brother’s birthday party. A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa in economics/political science, father of one son, and founder of a technology solutions company, he’s researched and collected football games for over 15 years. A member of the Professional Football Researchers Association and an occasional guest on KFXN-FM (the FAN) radio in the Twin Cities for his analysis of college football, he has assembled one of the most comprehensive football game collections in the world.


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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

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Cool games, great memories.

If you grew up in the 50s, 60s or 70s, video games weren’t yet around to capture your attention. Instead, you likely spent countless hours playing board games. During this time, the National Football League was taking hold of the nation’s consciousness, and college football was wildly popular. The appeal of the sport led to numerous football-themed board games, over 275 of which are depicted in the first and only comprehensive book about the subject, Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games. 


This extensive catalog of games will trigger fond memories of recognizable games you may have played with family and friends. The Trivia Time questions and short bios peppered throughout this colorful and entertaining book give recognition to players, coaches and teams that often go under appreciated. So lay down your video controller and pick up a copy of Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games today!


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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games

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Each month, we will post a trivia question on the Trivia Time Page . For your chance to win a free copy of Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games , email your answer to the trivia question by filling out the email on the right. Type TRIVIA in the Subject line and your answer in the Your Message area (enter the entire answer and not just the corresponding letter). One name will be drawn from the entrants who correctly answers a Trivia Time question. Enter each month to increase your chances of winning! The drawing will be held on the 1st of each month, and the winner will be notified by email. Good Luck!


Type FREE in the subject line to receive a free partial chapter of Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games via email!


Feel free to contact us with questions. We look forward to hearing how you like the book Steve Anderson’s Retro Football Games!

Steve Anderson


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